June 17, 2021

Ideas for a Fun Grand Opening Celebration

A grand opening celebration provides your business time to shine and better acquaint with the neighborhood. This special celebration can attract many people when done correctly. How can you plan for an exciting grand opening celebration?


Advertising the grand opening is key to success. Consider direct mail marketing to help get the word out. Advertise on social media, in local newspapers, and via word of mouth. Tell everyone you know in every way that you can.

Set Reasonable expectations

We hope for the best during grand opening events and during other occasions but must also set reasonable, realistic expectations so we do not set ourselves up for failure. Know what you should expect and how to achieve those results without expecting more than what is attainable.


Specials are what the day is all about and customers need plenty of them. Grand opening day should include tons of awesome special deals that attract customers to come to the store. Make the offers attractive so it entices the maximum number of people to the event.

open for business signs

Promotional Items

Promo items like ink pens, mouse pads, USB connectors, t-shirts, etc. help bring awareness to your brand and make customers happy because free is the best four-letter word in the dictionary.


If there is one thing customers love, it is a great giveaway. You can plan several giveaways for the day, giving both door prizes, drawings, etc. The better the prizes up for grabs, the more people you can expect to see at the event.

Final Word

Make sure to purchase great open for business signs for the outside of the business. Tons of colorful balloons also help draw attention to the grand opening event. Together with the information above, this can ensure you have an event to remember.